Simple Second Mortgage Loans

Looking for some extra cash to do some home renovations? ABG Financial Group will work with you to help secure you a second mortgage loan no matter what reason you’re after it for.

Bank Setbacks

Banking institutions can prove to be a real headache when trying to organise any loan, especially second mortgage loans. Mountains of paperwork that takes a long time to source and fill in, incredibly in-depth financial information you need to chase your accountant for, and so many other roadblocks and hurdles are on the road while applying. Then, once you have applied, you can be waiting an extensive amount of time for a response, sometimes only to be rejected.

How We Will Assist You

ABG Financial Group have the wherewithal to supply second mortgage loans to our clients boasting a short turnaround approval time, and much less hassle and headaches than a bank. We have an abundance of knowledge that’s built by years of experience in the industry, working with past clients to enable their journey to financial freedom.

While some banks look at the short-term picture, we pride ourselves in our ability to see the bigger picture. We take into consideration the reasons for each loan that we approve, and will strive to secure it for you.

Every single person that we talk with is different, with different financial situations and needs, and as such we approach our clients on a case-by-case basis, allowing you to become a name and not just another number as you’d be at a big bank.

Other Lending Packages We Offer

Further to our second mortgage loans, we are happy to offer several more financing options such as all manners of business finance, and if you’re looking at a property development project, we are able to work with you. Also, if you need a short term loan or unsecured business loan, we have those available, too.

Call Us Today

For further information regarding any of our different products, please feel free to call us on 1300 974 116. You may also reach us via our online contact form which can be found at the bottom of our contact page here. With the amount of experience that we hold, we are sure to be able to assist you no matter what type of financial assistance you are looking for, so speak with us now.