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A new $9 Billion SME Finance Market is emerging...

Currently 400,000 Australian SME’s need cash flow finance each year

Our product also works in with traditional lenders where a customer doesn’t fit standard criteria

For example:

What are ABG Financial funds being used for?

How does the Product Work?

ABG Financial Business Loan - Fast and simple process with approvals and funding in 1 - 3 days.

ABG Financial supports businesses by making a return on funds

Supporting Documents

A General required documents

i. Completed application form
ii. Last 3 months bank statements
iii.Copy of Directors/Owners driving license

B Further Documents required for deals >$50K

i. Financials – Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
ii. Aged receivables & Future receivables working contracts
iii.Aged Payables
iv.ATO portal statement/copy of payment plan if applicable

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